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Empowering People Pleasers to:

The sessions took place in September 2021, but it's not too late to get lifetime access to the recordings!

Plus, you can still get in on some bonuses 😉

"OWN Your Unique Awesomeness"
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  • LIFETIME ACCESS to listen to, watch and review all sessions at your convenience
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    • Links to each speaker's bonuses and offerings
  • A free *and fun!* 1:1 "Living in Integrity" Breakthrough Session with Cyndie
    (value: $499)
  • Free pass to watch the documentary she directed and produced titled "Up the Ladder in High Heels"
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  • A unique and powerfully relaxing "humming" Meditation that Cyndie's musical sons created!
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  • Additional "Surprise" bonuses which will be added as they are ready! (Intrinsic Value: lots of fun and powerful insights!)
  • All of this is designed to get you on your way to "Living in Integrity"! 💓