Beau Young, PhD

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Dr Beau Young

Beau Young, PhD

Business and personal coach

Beau Young (Ph.D.) has spent years as a business and personal coach as well as a consultant.  

He has helped hundreds of individuals, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, to achieve the personal happiness and business successes they so desperately sought. 

Everyone has a passion in life that they would love to pursue.  Dr. Beau Young’s passion just happens to be helping people feel a lot happier and become more successful.

He is a Civil Engineer (PhD) and is busy exporting Beers!  

Dr. Young is the author of 3 books (so far):

Master of the Arts: Excel at Saying No: Change the Habit of Pleasing, Overcome the Fear to Refuse, Gain Your Time and Respect, Say No Without Feeling Guilty, Grow Your Wealth and Success 

Master of the Arts: The Negotiation Guru, 19 Days to Learn the Art of the Deal: Learn How to Negotiate for Greater Business Success, and Avoid Negotiation Mistakes That Lose Your Contracts 

No Passion Or Too Many Passions To Focus On?: The Secrets To Find Your Passion And Life Purpose, Find The One Passion That You Meant To Work On Your Lifetime 

Watch for more new books by Dr. Beau Young, coming soon: about “Mistakes” on the way to Success, and the interesting concept of “Dating Wealth!”.

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