Cyndie Knorr

Meet the Speaker

Cyndie is a Master Mindset Coach / “Change Agent” with a big heart and knows how to help her clients “Change their MINDS”,  and live an awesome life!

She is on a mission to free high-performing women from their personal prison of being “People Pleasers”

Many women who are now in their 40's through 60's are waking up to realize that they've spent the majority of their lives bending over backwards to please everyone ELSE instead of themselves!

Cyndie knows all about this because that used to be her!

Through her own transformation and expensive research and continual study, she's developed an extraordinary step by step process that helps “People Pleasers” stop procrastinating, learn to set boundaries and OWN their Unique Awesomeness!!

Through her coaching programs Cyndie helps women dramatically change their mindset, believe in themselves, and step into the Self-Confidence and courage necessary to move towards their dreams!

If you have been giving 110% in everything you do for others but putting your OWN needs on the back burner…

and you are ready to turn all of that around and start doing what lights YOUR heart up from now on (while still being kind and loving toward others),
then it's time!

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Cyndie would love to talk with you about what's currently holding you back.
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where you will gain clarity on:
* what's not working in your life,
* what you'd love to experience instead, and you'll find out
* if/how Cyndie and her team might be able to help you. (If they believe someone or something might be a better fit for you, they will steer you in that direction!)

No matter what, you will need to DO something different if you want different results in your life. You don't need to figure these things out on your own!

“Accept yourself, love yourself,
and keep moving forward.
If you want to fly,
you have to give up what weighs you down.”
~ Roy T. Bennett

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