Katrine Horn

Meet the Speaker

Katrine Horn is a Former Professional “People Pleaser” who is now a “Self-Love Activist”!

She helps people learn to love themselves “unconditionally” so that they can feel their beauty, femininity, and worthiness, and design the life of their dreams!

Katrine played her harp on her TEDx talk titled “Who do you think you are?” and talked about how, as a professional musician, she lived a beautiful and exciting life, travelling and performing to idolizing fans. But she was constantly just trying to live up to the expectations of others, and on the inside she felt fake and totally inauthentic!

As a professional musician, Katrine Horn finally came to realize that no amount of adoring fans, and no amount of raving reviews could make her feel “worthy” or loved, as long as she derived her sense of value through what she DID rather than through who she WAS.

As a coach, Katrine now helps women access their beauty, femininity and self-worth by letting go of perfectionism so that they can embrace authentic living, allowing themselves to make their dreams & desires into reality.

It all starts with “Self-Love” (and this is more than just taking bubble baths and walks on the beach).

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