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Lynn Weimar

Weight Loss Coach
Be Fit Beyond Fifty

Lynn Weimar has been on a powerful journey of Personal Growth. 

She has turned her passion for fitness into a mission to transform the lives of women beyond fifty who struggle with emotional eating, food addictions, and obesity. 

Having struggled with self-image and addiction issues herself, she has combined her previous healing process and mindset work with her experience as an RN and research as an MSN to bring hope and freedom to both her audience and her private clients.

Lynn is the founder of Be Fit Beyond Fifty, and Be Free Beyond Fifty is the title of her first book which is hot off the press. 

She is very proud and grateful to be “rocking her sixties” and is dreaming of spending her golden years traveling the world and competing in Ironman triathlons! 

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Free Webinar: 5 Step System to Eliminate Emotional Eating, Finally Feel Free Around Food… 

FREE AUDIO from her book here: Be Free Beyond Fifty Audio: Intro and Ch. 1 

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