Ellen K. Martin

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Ellen K. Martin

Ellen K. Martin

Founder & CEO
CourseLauncher HQ

Ellen Martin is the founder of CourseLauncher HQ. She has a background in both Information Technology and Education. This gives her a unique ability to understand her clients’ needs and plan and implement eLearning solutions that work for their businesses, both in the short term and long term.

Ellen has been building websites, and teaching people how to build websites and use technology for over 25 years. She loves tech! She’s passionate about education, and loves mentoring her clients to learn and grow as their projects get built.

Ellen takes the terror out of tech!

On a personal side, Ellen has been through an extraordinary personal growth journey. She was a mess! Totally unhappy, unhealthy, and unmotivated. She got to a point where she knew that if she didn’t change she was going to die.

Once Ellen was diagnosed with Cancer, she made a decision to “radically” change her life. You will hear all about this in her inspiring interview!
You will see how she has since taken her mission to empower others to a whole new level, and is making waves!

Connect with Ellen:

Website: https://www.courselauncherhq.com/

Do you need help with launching or updating an online course, membership site, or Summit?

Contact Ellen for a free consultation: https://www.courselauncherhq.com/offer/integrity