Dr. Ilene Cohen

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Dr Ilene Cohen

Dr. Ilene Cohen

Psychotherapist and Author
Doctor Ilene

Dr. Ilene Cohen is a psychotherapist, author, and mother of two animated young girls. She is one of the most respected voices in the psychology of “People-Pleasing” and navigating the difficulty of living an intentional life while trying to maintain fulfilling relationships. 

She is the author of 5 books, all of which have received awards and 5-star ratings from her readers.  These include her most famous book, When It's Never About You: The People-Pleaser's Guide to Reclaiming Your Health, Happiness and Personal Freedom,  and her new book, Anxious for Answers.

Her books and therapy practice are fueled by a passion for helping people achieve their goals, build a strong sense of self, and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. 

As president of her family’s foundation, Dr. Ilene oversees various initiatives geared towards creating better opportunities for those in need. 

Connect with Dr. Ilene:

Website: www.doctorilene.com

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