Wendy Marx

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Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx

Personal Branding and Marketing Coach, Author
Thriving at 50+

Wendy Marx is a personal branding and marketing coach.  She helps experienced professionals become more successful. Over the course of her career she has helped hundreds of people discover their point of distinction… and brand and retool themselves for a more rewarding career. 

Wendy holds a BA, MSW, MS in journalism and an MBA in marketing. Her articles have appeared in Fast Company, Inc., job-hunt.org , the New York Times, Entrepreneur and others. 

She is the host of Renewal at 50+, which is both a monthly LinkedIn Live program and a podcast on apple, or spotify, or wherever you prefer to listen to your podcasts.  This Renewal at 50 + is where you will hear all about how to LIVE your best self at 50+.   She is the author of the book Thriving at 50+: The 7 Principles to Rebrand and Reinvent Yourself.

Connect with Wendy:

Email: [email protected]

Podcast: Renewal at 50 Plus Podcast ← where you can also download a free chapter of her book!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendyamarx 

Link to her FREE Gift: Free Elevator Pitch Tip Sheet