Wendy Turner-Larsen

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Wendy Turner Larsen

Wendy Turner-Larsen

Certified Professional Coach

Wendy Turner-Larsen believes in transformation, both for herself and the women she serves. 

Her recent book, BECOMING YOU is the culmination of over 30 years of conversation, education and work experience in leadership, mental health, coaching, professional speaking and workshop design plus delivery and spiritual leadership. 

She has earned her stripes both through her commitment to learning as well as her commitment to her own deep personal growth: she is a Professional Certified Coach, has earned an MA in Psychology, MA Adult Education (leadership) and MS Health, Nutrition Education (neuroscience) and a certification in Hypnotherapy. 

Wendy’s warmth, humor and deep awareness and insight into human behavior along, with her robust education and experience, has allowed thousands of women to deeply transform their lives.  

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Website: www.turnerlarsen.com/becomingyou

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