Colleen Cole

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Colleen Cole

Colleen Cole

President and Co-Founder
PERMACRETE® Systems Limited

Colleen H Cole is an award-winning entrepreneur and author having co-founded and built a Canadian 40 year franchise success story, PERMA-DRY.

Every day, she teaches people how to start and grow a small business and how to navigate through, around, or over all of the roadblocks along their journey to “success”.

Birthed from her deep passion to see others live their dreams, Colleen also founded Meant for More, a transformative process to embrace change and inspire individuals and organizations to chart their course to a significant life.

This is accomplished by helping others establish purpose as a compass to guide them, by igniting passion as the fuel to propel them, and by producing profits as the seeds to grow their vision.

Colleen teaches people how to use the power of significance to improve productivity, mental health, and connection by instilling meaning in who they are and what they do. 

As a transformation expert, Colleen has had the privilege of speaking on numerous stages across the globe, having visited 47 countries on 5 continents. 

Colleen's compassionate heart, big love of life, and her commitment to endeavors that support life-giving outcomes, have empowered Colleen to raise awareness and funds for hospitals, schools, orphanages, and adult training centers in several impoverished and war-torn nations throughout the world.

Her focus, her passion, and her purpose are in helping women in developing countries to break free from bondage, oppression, and injustice!  You are welcome to join her movement!

On another note, research shows that approximately 80% of Western women between the ages of 40 and 58 carry guilt, and this wasted emotion influences most of their decisions! Check out Colleen’s book Guilt: The Secret War Of Successful Women 

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To find out more about Colleen’s next philanthropic adventure (Sign up to GO too!!! Or donate!) For more info → Website:  She will mail a hardcopy of her Umoja book, to anyone who donates $50 or more for her upcoming mission projects.

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