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Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons

Writer, Teacher, and Entrepreneur

Michael Simmons is a writer, teacher, and an entrepreneur.

His writing has been read tens of millions of times in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Forbes, TIME, and other publications. 

Michael's courses have helped thousands of students learn faster and write better.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Michael has created several 6-figure and 7-figure education companies. 

His previous company hosted over 450 conferences in 8 countries including events at the White House and United Nations. And, he has also been recognized with three Entrepreneur Of The Year awards. 

With SO much information available to us from so many different sources, around the clock, how can we possibly know where to start and how to organize our learning or personal growth?

Michael Simmons studies the habits and mindsets of the world’s most successful people!  He has categorized and compiled these “Mental Models” so that the rest of us can use these proven systems to make our own lives more efficient, productive, and enjoyable.

Connect with Michael:

Website: http://michaeldsimmons.com/ 

Michael’s seminal articles on Medium read by millions of people: https://michaeldsimmons.medium.com/ 


To help you create a learning ritual Michael has created a free learning course for you! 

Each lesson took him over 50 hours to research and write, and is based on his experience reading over 2,000 books, building multiple 7-figure businesses, and teaching thousands of students how to learn faster.

In the free course, he will help you…

  • Find time in your busy schedule to build a bulletproof Learning HABIT
  • Overcome information overwhelm (the No. 1 reason why most learners fall behind, and fail to get real-world results from their learning)
  • Find breakthrough knowledge that gives you a lasting competitive edge (and ultimately transforms your life)
  • Go from absorbing information to creating real-world results with anything you’ve learned (a four-step accelerated learning process that is also used by artificial intelligence)

Each lesson comes with a summary video and free worksheet to help you apply the lesson. Get the free learning course here >>